Kindness. Growth. Change

Welcome to Emerge with Horses

Located in Poway, CA (San Diego County)

I offer equine assisted life skills coaching, geared toward people in life transition, that unlocks each herd member's potential to live a resilient, confident and competent life.   The work is grounded in evidence-based best practices. Meanwhile, I designed the Emerge with Horses program to allow customization for each person's goals and adapted it to present societal trends.

This is done with fun, experiential, equine assisted encounters.  The horses act as coaches, teachers, and partners.  As your human coach, I am there to facilitate your coaching journey.  A leg up on your growth, aimed at building character and resilience as well as being present, is possible.

Woah.  In case you are wondering just what this is, much like I was the first time I came across this field, equine-assisted coaching is an experiential coaching approach that promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities.  The focus areas for skill building include resiliency, character growth and mindfulness.



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