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November 22, 2018

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August 13, 2018

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November 22, 2018

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Hero's Journey

August 13, 2018


The documentary Finding Joe helped me understand the importance of embracing my unique path in an effort to have a rite of passage.  Finding my own bliss was part of my rite of passage journey toward a life of (at least) my dreams.  I can relate with the movie on many levels, including from the times in my life I have longed for my own hero’s journey and felt a gap between where I was and where I wanted to be.  Changing my reality has become my own opportunity countless times in my life and I have learned that getting uncomfortable is the best place to be in order to start my hero’s journey toward finding bliss.

Joseph Campbell taught us that fear is the one thing that keeps us from the life we want.  The first time I watched Finding Joe was on a retreat.  I grasped the concepts slowly and conceptually and felt a hunger to pursue the journey and learn more.  Fear was one of the key challenges I was addressing on the retreat.  A way fear can be summarized is False Evidence Appearing Real and I know that fear can become dangerously destructive and run a person’s life when it takes over. 


After 15 years without involuntarily dismounting a horse, it came as a surprise to find myself sitting in the dirt last month since I thought I had what it took to complete a training ride on the new horse in the corral.  She was sweet but fearful and as soon as my seat sat in the saddle I felt the distinct and overwhelming feeling of fear overcome my senses.  Frozen, I managed to have the thought that it was unlikely to go well from there and she and I immediately began to feed off of each other’s energy.  That resulted in me almost immediately finding my new place sitting on the ground and the horse seemingly concerned. Fear can be so irrational and powerful.


What if the universe offers healthier ways to handle life on life’s terms, to feel what changes are right for me and offer myself up to be open to acting? 


A year later (and with the help of many trusted coaches willing to help me) I was able to better relate with the concepts, especially the grip and power of fear as well as the choices I have to handle it more powerfully on a hero's journey.  Today I get to coach others confronting their fears and feel especially honored to help people in this change process that can be both exciting and challenging. 


I have developed a 24-point equine assisted hero’s journey for adolescents.  It is modeled off of what has worked for countless others including my own journey. 


The journey:

  • Offers a feeling and experience that we naturally crave, lodged in our DNA is a need for a solo vigil

  • Is an intentional, meaningful marker of transition from one state of being to another and is needed

  • Builds a powerful long-lasting feeling of confidence that can be added to adulthood

  • Offers the ability to test oneself in a healthy manner since young people find the test one way or another


There are three key benefits to a successful passage:

  • A fundamental sense of belonging

  • A template for navigating change

  • Being called into service


My hope for you is that you contemplate this discussion in your own life including the relation of your children.  Can you picture some benefits (at any age or stage of life) of tackling fears, finding bliss and having a rite of passage?  How can you go beyond the limits of your possibilities on your own hero’s journey?  I feel grateful for your comments about this topic.  If you’d like to learn more about the program I have created, say howdy or share feedback, go on over to my online schedule.


The full film is available on Apple Itunes.


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