Horses sense integrity and respect. Jake's character knows what that means, and he has the ability to share that with everyone. Jake works from experience and knowledge, but most importantly, Jake works from the heart.

—  Jane Derry, Serenity Vista Rehab



You may be excelling in most ways and feel you could do even more with support, you may be struggling and want to gain a foothold to no longer struggle and begin to live free of your challenges, you may be seeking serenity in the noise and pressures of life, you may find that the program’s encounters with horses brings you an ability to do what you thought you could not, or you may feel empty and find the support of a human and equine herd brings you closer to yourself. 

The Emerge program is about horses helping people lead more resilient, competent and confident lives.  Kindness and respect of all is our code. This is accomplished through customized programming options to meet each person’s needs.  The program is built on evidence based coaching models and my practical experience to get people results.


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